waterproof liquid silicone glue for marine wood floor SM1353

Non-toxic waterproof liquid silicone glue for marine wood floor SM1353 

MS series is a silane-modified polyurethane sealant, with the advantages of polyurethane and silicone sealants; it is a flexible sealant widely recognized as with the best overall performance, and can meet the needs of adhesive bonding and flexible sealing for a variety of occasions.  SM1353 is manufactured in strict accordance with ISO9001/14001 Quality Assurance System and related protection provisions,and SM1353 is one-component multi-purpose and anti-sagging elastic sealant;it can react with moisture in the air and then it is cured, to form a permanent elastomer.


1.  Specially used for marine wood floor filling and bonding

2. Good adhesion to many substrates, include wood, various metal and surface treatment (painting or

   plating), glass, concrete products, mortar, ceramic materials and plastics and rubber and so on.

3. Suitable for industrial bonding and fixing (such as the installation of automobile windshield, and the

   manufacturing of means of transportation and lift cabinets),

4. Flexible seal bonding and fixing required for medium strength and high modulus.

5. Compatibility test should be done on the actual substrates and in the environment in advance.



1.  Low VOC, silicone, plasticizer migration, or bubbles curing, with very little odor.

2.  Wide range of flexible bonding and durability, primer bonding-free.

3.  It can be painted, polished, and bonded and repaired in a repeated manner, but necessary surface

    requirements are not changed when substrates are re-bonded.

4.  UV resistant, anti-aging and weathering resistance, flooding resistant and mould resistant.

5.  Resistant to fresh water, sea water and usually water-based cleaning agents, and has a strong

    bearing capacity to fuel, mineral oil, vegetable oil and animal fat and crude oil

6.Intolerant to concentrated organic or inorganic acid/base solution or solvent. For specific

    requirements,  we will provide relevant products and advice.

7. Dealcoholized curing, no corrosion to substrates, and substrates not polluted, in line with the

    standard for stone stain resistance.


1) Surface treatment

Bonding surfaces should be clean, dry, without grease, oil and dust; for the surfaces difficult for bonding (such as PP/PE material) the bonding effect can be increased by applying primer. For details call us.

2) Construction

---Rigid packaging: cut the tube mouth.

---Flexible packaging: put glue into the glue gun and cut the closed mouth.

---In accordance with the designed adhesive strip cutting nozzle, the glue gun for manual hard tube, pneumatic piston glue gun or rubber pump equipment must be used in order to achieve satisfactory sealing effect.

---If  SM1353 will touch with polyurethane bonding glue or paint, we must wait until polyurethane is fully cured before SM1220can be used for jointing or bonding.

3) Trimming and finishing

Trimming and finishing must be conducted before drying the surface, and prior applicability/compatibility test on the finishing agents or lubricants must be done.

4) Cleaning

---The  SM1353 uncured can be removed from tools or equipment, with the use of a suitable solvent or  Cleaning Paste

---Once cured it can only be removed by mechanical method

--- Immediately cleaned with industrial hand cleaner and water if stick to skin

---The redundant sealant not used up can be sealed and saved, and the cured part on its surface can be removed before next use. Applicability test is needed.

5) Surface painting (when necessary)

--- SM1353can be available for painting before and after drying the surface.

--- A compatibility test should be done before painting.

---The thickness and hardness of the paint layer may weaken the elasticity of glue, and it is possible for the paint to be cracking.


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