Sepna replacement polyurethane adhesive sealant for auto car

PU8611 is one component polyurethane adhesive with very good tensile strength and elasticity, primerless.
Key Feature
Bond very well with surface of variety material such as all kinds of metal, lumber, glass, polyurethane, epoxy,resin, and coating material, etc. Good cohesive force and durable elastic sealing performance
One component adhesive with fabulous thixotropy, it’s convenient to apply with rapid curing speed
Excellent water, weather and aging resistance
Excellent wear-resisting property
Paintable and polishable
No sag or flow phenomena within 30mm perpends
Typical Applications
Specially used for windshield and side glass of bus, car, railway vehicle (metro, high-speed rail), ship,spaceflight, engineering machinery vehicle, carriage and special vehicle
For glass steel and plastic accessories (car roof, side body and car front)
For bonding different material (such as metal, plastic, and glass) which requires high tensile strength and elasticity, the bonding can bear high mechanical deformation force。

Directions for Use
Tool: Manual or pneumatic plunger caulking gun
Cleaning: Clean and dry all surfaces by removing foreign matter and contaminants such as oil dust, grease, frost, water, dirt, old sealants and any protective coating.
For cartridge
Cut nozzle to give the required angle and bead size
Pierce the membrane at the top of the cartridge and screw on the nozzle
Place the cartridge in an applicator gun and squeeze the trigger with equal strength
For sausage
Clip the end of the sausage and place in barrel gun
Screw end cap and nozzle on to barrel gun
Using the trigger extrude the sealant with equal strength
Attention of operation
Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and eye/face Protection. After contact with skin, wash immediately with plenty of water and soap. In case of accident or if you feel unwell, seek medical advice immediately.。



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