Polyurethane Adhesive Sealant

For windshield and side glass of bus、 car、 metro、high speed rail、ship、spaceflight、engineering machinery vehicle, carriage and special vehicle For glass steel and plastic accessories car roof、 side body and car front

No Leaking.Better Boat MS Adhesive Sealant

Used for bonding and sealing ships, elevators, automobiles, trains and high-speed rails.

Electronic sealant series advantages

Potting and sealing of Medical, Lighting , YAG, Sensor, Appliances, Car Electronics

Polyurethane joint material

Bonding and sealing for the gap of joints of road, airport runway, square, wall pipe, wharf, roof, underground garageand basement.

Waterproof Coating

1.For kitchen, bathroom, balcony, roof and so on;

2.Anti-seepage of reservoir, water tower, water tank, swimming pool, bath,fountain pool, sewage treatment pool and drainage irrigation channel;

3. Leak-proofing and anti-corrosion for ventilated basement, underground tunnel, deep well and underground pipe and so on;

4. Bonding and moisture proofing of all kinds of tiles, marble, wood, asbestos and so on;