2019 ~ 2021

Two component Corner angles adhesive and anti-slippery road adhesive sealants were developed and got the recognition of the market.

2017 ~ 2018

Set up E-commerce center, ZERO-SL brand was founded to committed to push and established the terminal image of self-leveling adhesive sealants. SEPNA Successfully registered ZERO-SL trademark: seamless, makes your life more wonderful!Established data centers such as finance, supply, product, sales, customer service, etc. By data feedback and analysis, SEPNA’s comprehensive technical and service capabilities further enhanced. Developed and researched anti-sagging waterproof coating, exposure used waterproof coating and successfully put them into production. A new team of developed and researched two component adhesive sealants and modified adhesive sealants were organized.

2015 ~ 2016

SEPNA devotes to public welfare undertakings, establishes " SAN GONG YI" organizations, independently organizes various public welfare activities such as supporting disaster areas, financing poor children to study, and organizing donations for poor families, to showing the concept of “every business man have a kind heart!”Self-leveling polyurethane adhesive sealants had been successfully developed. Electronic industry adhesive sealants series products officially push to global market.

2013 ~ 2014

International marketing sales amount had made a breakthrough over USD 5million. Successfully researched and set up a new, Epoxy and Silicone adhesive Lab. SEPNA Polyurethane adhesive products "odorless bonding" technology made a breakthrough. Successfully developed Primerless polyurethane adhesive sealants series products and began to push them to the market. A national utility model patent for this product research has been approved and successfully expanded the registered image trademark "odorless bonding healthy living."The amorphous alloy iron core transformer adhesive sealants has been successfully developed. We got the 80% of the amorphous alloy iron core industry market share in Chinese mainland.

2011 ~ 2012

Passed the ISO9001:2000 quality certification system Became a qualified supplier and partner of Volvo,Commins and VW etc. International department was founded, for global marketing of PUNADE brand. Bring the products, technical services and OEM services to the global customers.

Since 2010

Founding SHANG HAI SEPNA CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Introducing Switzerland PUNADE technology, founded PUNADE brand. Polyurethane adhesive were formally put in production in Denghui Road Minhang district.